Hamelin’s dialogue about the town’s future.

Mayor Claudio Griese calls on Hamelin’s citizens, activists and politicians to get together to think about the development of Hamelin’s future for the next 15 years. The project “Hameln2030” offers a framework for communication, workshops, lectures and all kinds of other activities.

Big challenges are ahead of us, some concerning all municipalities and others being specific for the region or for Hamelin itself. How do we position us? Which changes would we like to support? What would we like to challenge? Which aspects of daily life in Hamelin are major concerns to us? Which ones play a minor role?

These questions shall be discussed, debated and worked on with people interested in these matters. The project “Hameln2030” is build up in a modular way. It started with scientific lectures delivering factual information as a basis for the following discussions. This is now being followed up by a phase in which the council will hold an internal review of the facts and figures surrounding Hamelin’s current situation.

Thereafter the first phase of civic participation will take place. There the strengths and weaknesses of Hamelin’s situation will be elaborated in a mutual discussion. Moreover in the course of the discussion it will be decided which topics shall be worked upon in special workshops.

There is no thinking ahead about the town’s future without involving the youth! On a special conference we will offer age-appropriate workshops and discussions in order to get into contact with this especially important audience. The results will be used in the main workshops discussions.

More than 20 percent of Hamelin’s citizens have a migratory background. Studies from other cities show that migrants and their children have demands that might differ from those of the long term residents. To get to know this group’s specific ideas, wishes and sorrows, a conference directed at migrants and those with a migratory background will be offered.

The second phase of civic participation consists of workshops dealing with the relevant topics resulting from the first phase. On the basis of concepts and plans made by the council there will be up to four events. Ideas and suggestions made by the citizens will be formulated as development objectives and reference projects will be created.

In a final event the results of the various events and workshops will be presented and ultimately discussed. In the following time some adjustments might take place and a proposal for a council order will be formulated. The council of Hamelin will then decide on the guidelines and reference projects for the mid-sized town up to the year 2030.

This is the course of events – but it is you that can make a difference. Please participate and let us know what matters to you!
We would be delighted to get into direct contact with you.
You can reach us via email (hameln2030@hameln.de) or via telephone (05152 – 2023210).

Survey: Your contribution to Hamelin’s future